--[Dominance War Character]--
9986 tris - 4 x 2048 maps, 1 spec, 1 diff, 1 normal, 1 reflection


Created using Vue, Textured,Modeled, UI Motion Graphics.

Responsible for compositing in After Effects and art direction.

--[ GAMES ]--
The following was the release for the Dream Build Play OldSpice Competition.
It is best controlled using a Xbox controller on the computer.
Just download, unzip and run the setup file.
> Click here to download Man Moments <
This was the trailer I did and submitted for the competition.

Game Controls for keyboard:
Enter = Start
Arrow keys = direction
A,X,Y,B = Xbox A,X,Y,B buttons
Left,Right Shift key = left,right trigger on xbox

-- [Scripting and Prototyping] --
Below are some examples I have done of java scripting in Unity and game prototyping.
> Pricecheck! < - Game in development by Nifty Studios Inc.
> Tickle Game < - Concept for Nifty Studios Inc.
> 2D Space Shooter < - Modified Tutorial.

-- [Level Design Example] --
>Level Design Example < Example Level Design Document and Images.

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